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March 30th - April 3rd 2020
Gene Key 21
Control - Authority - Valour
"No matter who you are and what kind of life you lead, at certain points in your life you are given the opportunity to act with Valour. These moments are mythic moments and the script of your future life hinges upon them. To act with Valour is to enter a higher world."
Excerpt from The Gene Keys
From the Synthesis 
Practical Guidance
"We live during the time of The Great Change. It is likely that there will come times in which we are faced with the forces of chaos and decline. How we respond to such times will dictate our future and the future of our species. Contemplate the keys below and let them permeate your life, so that when times of greater intensity appear, you will enter the storm prepared and with a spirit of deep trust and love."
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The Ecstasy of Fondness
"Crafted over several months, this monologue takes some radical twists and turns as the spirit of Hafez appears in Richard’s life, weaving friendship, revelation and unexpected synchronicity into a canvas of insight and intrigue. The completed monologue was sent to Iran where a living Setar Master recorded the beautiful soundtrack to accompany the words."
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