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June 13th - June 18th 2020
Gene Key 12
Vanity - Discrimination - Purity
"We are here for love. There is no other reason for existence. These 64 words for the Siddhis are nothing but the multitudinous names of love. Purity is the very heart of love, the soul of existence. If you have this Gene Key, or if you are contemplating it in any depth remember this - Let Love sing through you. And I don’t mean emotional love, sentimental love. Look at the 64 Siddhis. Look at the many names of love. It really doesn’t matter what our name is. It doesn’t matter what our Profile is or when we were born. The words are not the territory. The territory is the living, breathing expression of Love, and love is pure. Nothing else matters but love. It is waiting to break through inside each of us. It is our essence, it’s our heartbeat and it’s our home."
- Excerpt from the 64 Ways
From the Synthesis 
Ocean of Stability
Drawing from a powerful life experience, Richard Rudd outlines the importance of attaining inner Core Stability. This he suggests, is the most vital practise offered by the Gene Keys Golden Path, which will greatly enhance our feeling of safety and trust in the uncertain times that lie ahead...
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Deep Dive Genius
Live Virtual Retreat
Exploring Your Activation Sequence
Jun 22nd to Oct 5th
Join together with others in the Gene Keys community for a four month virtual retreat into your Activation Sequence. This live series invites you on a voyage of self illumination, to unlock the hidden potential of your Genius. This experience is hosted by a team of Gene Keys Ambassadors, and an opportunity to explore your the Golden Path teachings inside a collective container through online community calls, hosted Q&A sessions with the team, synchronized meditations, and a private forum to share in the contemplative practices within your study group. Those who have already bought the Activation Sequence or the previous Deep Dive retreat may login for a discounted price during registration.
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